'The Moment I Heard' is a project I'm currently developing. A family member has worked as a recreational planner for many years with seniors across the city. I am always intrigued by the stories she so frequently recounts from her work. In an era preoccupied with the future it is easy to overlook the wisdom and timeless stories of the past. I think it is worthwhile to try and shift the focus, reflect on and explore these narratives, giving seniors an opportunity to share their insight and experience. What better way to do this then through music?

Here is the teaser for 'The Moment I Heard' project. It took quite a bit of trail and error to animate that ear! I had to replace a transformer off an old light box but in the end just used photoshop. Please stay tuned for my maiden voyage - the first episode should be up soon!

Well here it is - the first episode of 'The Moment I Heard' project! I think this is an appropriate choice to start off the project. It helps that I am a sucker for Hoagy Carmichael. But there is also a heartfelt simplicity to this story that I hope you will enjoy and that I hope will feature in many of these stories. Let me know what you think. More to come!

Here is episode two of 'The Moment I Heard' project featuring legendary Canadian artist Raymond Cattell . At 90 years old you can still feel the passion in his words and marvel at his creativity. He clearly lives by the motto he so eloquently waxes to live knowing "everyday can be different". It is a pleasure to hear him describe his New York shore leave and introducing to jazz with such detail and clarity so many years later. Enjoy!